Golden Squirrel Theater was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in New York State on March 28, 1995 and approved as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization on October 29, 1996.



The mission of Golden Squirrel Theater is to seek out and produce new plays which celebrate the human spirit, works in which central characters confront the challenges and temptations of a complex, dangerous, absurd and occasionally wonderful world.



  • To identify scripts with strong entertainment value and rich dialogue spoken by compelling characters
  • To produce a series of rehearsed readings some of which will go on to showcase production
  • To give an opportunity to actors and directors to further develop their craft
  • To strive for excellence in all aspects of production
  • To develop a loyal theater audience
  • To attain favorable media recognition
  • To give voice to writers whose works have not yet achieved the public acclaim to which they are entitled

What is a Golden Squirrel?

Golden Squirrels (Sciurus aurum): Largest among living squirrels, the golden squirrel is a frisky, robust creature whose fur is tawny to golden ocher in color that nests in cultural institutions, such as those dedicated to theater, opera, dance and music.  While all members of the squirrel family gather and cache acorns, the golden squirrel intentionally plants them in the ground so that that future generations of squirrels may benefit from “the fruit of the oak.”  Although some skeptics remain, most ethnologists now believe that this constitutes true investment behavior (see Merrill-Lynch, Vanguard, T. Rowe Price, etc.).  According to this view the expression “Nuts to you, buddy!” when delivered by a golden squirrel is, in fact, a benediction.